ShockLog Satellite by Spotsee


  • Best-in-class recording and post-journey analytics
  • Web-hosted tracking application
  • Real-time reporting of critical events
  • Robust power source that eliminates the need for solar backup
  • Knowledge of shipment delays while en route or in customs

ShockLog Satellite GPS-Equipped Accelerometer Data Logger

Satellite Connectivity Enables Accelerometer Data Logger Benefits Anywhere on Earth

The ShockLog® Satellite Impact Recording and Satellite Tracking System, formerly ShockTrak™, combines the flagship ShockLog® 298 Impact Recorder and a satellite communication module to deliver outstanding impact recording, real-time reporting and asset location. The system is preprogrammed with parameters optimized for your asset. Want to customize the impact recorder settings in house? The ShockLog 298 has a user-programmable impact scale and frequency filters, offering the most versatile option for users. Monitor and report impact events, vibration and internal temperature as well as peak value (time slot) and summary period journey profile data. Know when and where unacceptable conditions have been encountered and get location updates every four hours.

Satellites already provide wide coverage for real-time impact monitoring throughout the supply chain. In the coming years, coverage will improve dramatically, as hundreds of small communications satellites go into service and bring communications to regions off the beaten track. That includes major highways as well as country roads and, importantly, oceans. As a result, communications will be possible almost everywhere on earth.

This means you can track supplies, parts, and products in real time, receiving email or text alerts whenever they experience potentially damaging impacts. Consequently, this impact recorder lets you triage cargo, flagging assets that experienced shocks for careful evaluation and allowing carefully handled cargo to enter your inventory system or be shipped to customer.

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Use Impact Recorder Data to Intervene Immediately and Plan for the Future

With the ShockLog® Satellite Impact Recording and Tracking System, you can receive email or text alerts of unacceptable conditions that your product has encountered which may affect its performance or safety. Armed with this information, you can take immediate action before the shipment is received or plan remediation before final installation of the asset in the field.

Satellite communication requires a line of sight to the sky. If ShockLog® Satellite loses it’s line of sight to the sky at the time of an event it will still be recorded and available for download and analysis after the trip.

The ShockLog Satellite impact data logger brings immediacy to logistics monitoring. No matter how far away your asset is from your control center, you can have tri-axial impact data that helps you understand the current state of your assets. This impact recorder’s user-programmable impact scale and frequency filters allow you to program the impact thresholds that best suit your needs.

You can use this information in two broad ways.

First, you can learn exactly what conditions this cargo experienced to identify damage that may otherwise go undetected. With real-time information, you can intervene to minimize further damage and repair or replace items before they reach your customer, thus enhancing your corporate reputation.

Second, you can use impact monitoring data as part of a comprehensive risk management program to identify trends throughout your supply chain. By tracking cargo over time, in real time, with GPS and accelerometer data, you can identify carriers, lanes, and routes most often implicated.

By understanding the force impacting your cargo, monitored with an impact data logger, you can also redesign packaging to increase its strength in key areas or take other steps to prevent damage before it occurs.

To learn more about how satellite-based accelerometer data loggers can give you deeper, actionable insights into your supply chain, contact SpotSee.

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The ShockLog 298 is offered as a stand alone or connected device:

ShockLog 298

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Not connected
  • Data download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis


ShockLog Cellular

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Cellular
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis

ShockLog Satellite

  • Best in Class Impact Recorder
  • Connected via Satellite
  • Data in SpotSee Cloud and download via USB
  • ShockLog Software for setup and analysis


  • Logistics / Transport and Storage
  • Chemicals/Petro-Chemicals
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Forestry and Wood Products
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Electronics – Telecommunications
  • HVAC
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Marine
  • Robotics
  • Electronics
  • Wafer Fabrication Equipment
  • Railroads
  • Biotechnology and Drugs
  • Glass (Large Architectural Panels and Windows
  • Scientific and Technical Instruments / Research
  • Medical Devices and Supplies (Large Trailer Packages – CT, MRI, CT/PET)

Operating Temperature Range

-22°F to 140°F


12.61 in x 9.41 in x 4.69 in


9.7 lbs

Battery Type

2 x 3.6V AA Lithium (ShockLog)
1 x 3.6V AA Lithium (Interface Board)
4 x 1.5V AA Lithium (Internal Satellite Module)
4 x C-Sized Lithium (External Satellite Module)

Battery Life

12 months (ShockLog)
12 months (Interface Board)
3-18 months (Internal Satellite Module)
60-90 days (External Satellite Module)

Enclosure Rating

NEMA 1, 3, 4X, 6P, 12

Scale Factor Accuracy at 5G

± 2%

Additional Error Other Ranges

± 2%

Cut-off Frequency Options (Programmable)

10Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz and 250Hz

Wake-up, Warning, and Alarm Threshold (% of Range)

5 – 95%

Satellite Technology

Global LEO Satellite operation using Globalstar Simplex Data Networks

Software Compatibility

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Technical Support

Below you will find technical support videos to help you get started once you have purchased our products and services.

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Shocklog Satellite Battery Replacement

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ShockLog Software Installation

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ShockLog Configuration

ShockLog Battery Installation

ShockLog Advanced Configuration Settings

ShockLog Reviewing The Data


ShockLog Companion Label

A companion label provides an additional visual warning and instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs.

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