SpotBot Cellular Delivers Real-Time Impact and Location

SpotBot Cellular Delivers Real-Time Impact and Location

Aug 8, 2017

SpotBot Cellular is a stand-alone device that delivers global, real-time, tri-axial impact monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity. The product is designed with superior battery life for long journeys, reducing the need for battery changes.

spotbot-cellular-with-lights-and-good-label-1“SpotBot Cellular has impact, temperature, a long battery life and global tracking all in one device,” said Paula Simoes, vice president internet of things (IoT) portfolio & technology, SpotSee. “SpotBot Cellular is SpotSee’s first product to have built-in connectivity that leverages the company’s global IoT network, platform and proprietary ShockWatch hardware that enables its customers to spot damage in their operation and see it in real time.”

SpotBot Platform

SpotBot Cellular customers gain real-time visualization through the SpotSee web-based platform, which also allows access to data from any web-based device. The SpotBot Cellular transmits information using cellular technology, eliminating the need for line of sight to a satellite for position or communication.

Best-in-Class Impact Data

SpotBot Cellular combines ShockWatch and ShockLog technology to generate accurate data on impacts up to 65G, providing more than four times the spectrum of the best competitive alternative (which typically only captures impacts up to 16G). This range of impact monitoring is best suited for shipping weights from 100 to 60,000 lbs.

Longest Battery Life

With off-the-shelf lithium batteries, SpotBot Cellular delivers up to 75 days of monitoring (set to hourly summary reporting). This represents a battery life that is 50% higher than the current industry standard.

Flexible Settings and Download Capabilities

The user easily defines impact settings specific to the product being monitored. SpotBot Cellular delivers a location and time stamp of alerts from impacts over the threshold in real time from all over the world. Users can visualize the asset’s impacts over time or review a histogram of those events.

After a trip is complete, the user can easily download a report of impacts from the SpotSee Cloud.

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