SpotSee Featured on Electronic Specifier: Transforming Supply Chain Management

Nov 2, 2020

Jan Van Niekerk, VP of Engineering and Innovation for SpotSee, explains in Electronic Specifier that in any given supply chain, there’s at least one step that requires items or products to be transported from one place to another, even if that step takes place between the supplier and the end user.

In more complex supply chains there are multiple checkpoints that products are required to go through to be created, assembled, moved from location to location, sometimes from country to country, and eventually delivered to the end user. By the time a person or business receives a shipment, it has likely passed through several hands.

Each step serves a purpose, whether it’s furthering the product’s creation or simply transporting it closer to the delivery location. As such, the goal of each handler is to complete their given task. Unfortunately, that sometimes means packages get lost and/or damaged.

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