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SpotSee Featured on Inbound Logistics Podcast

Mar 20, 2020 | Blog


Jan Van Niekerk, our VP of Engineering and Innovation joins Jeff of Inbound Logistics Podcast to discuss what companies can do to deter damage to their supply chain shipments.

Supply chain damage occurs everywhere. Damage to supply chain can costs companies millions of dollars. Worldwide there’s about 2.3 trillion dollars of supply chain damage. There is tremendous opportunity for costs reduction and the reason why we and our products exist.

Technology such as RFID can track a package but evolutions to that technology can help you do so much more. RFID is a mechanical indicator that acts as the eyes and ears of someone that’s guarding the package throughout the supply chain. When it arrives at the destination the value of the indicator can be checked. We came to the realization that if we could combine that with RFID we would be able to tie a damage report at every scan point and that would be of value to our customers. We took the standard RFID chip and added to it an indication of whether the shock limit was exceeded or not.

The benefit of having a visual shock indicator combined with an RFID gives it the power to travel right from the manufacturer up to the last mile and the customer itself.

Learn more about the ShockWatch RFID at

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