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SpotSee Featured on The New Warehouse Podcast

Jan 29, 2020 | Blog

Jan Van Niekerk, our VP of Engineering and Innovation joins Kevin Lawton of The New Warehouse Podcast to discuss SpotSee solutions for identifying damaged freight and pinpointing where exactly the damage is occurring in your supply chain.

In this episode we learn that 2% of freight is damaged which seems like a small percentage but when you quantify it in dollars it is trillions of dollars in product. Freight damage is a large issue that costs money for many different companies and industries. Something that deserves attention and the ability to root cause to take counter measures.

With many products never leaving the box through the distribution process, handlers may never know that damage has occurred inside until the product reaches the customer and it is too late to protect from a complaint or poor customer experience. Utilizing indicators can allow a company greater visibility as to when damage is occurring and even where damage is occurring on some of the more sophisticated devices.

The ShockWatch RFID combines impact indicators with RFID technology. This allows inventory to be easily located utilizing RFID technology and at the same time giving indication if any product is damaged. It is a low cost solution to obtaining location based data on where damage is occurring. While it will not give you exact location like cellular activated tags, it will give you an indication that damage occurred between two RFID reader points allowing you to know in which part of the supply chain the damage occurred.

Listen to the episode at the link below to find out more:

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