Dallas Business Journal: North Texas company doubles in size to 400 employees after acquisition

Jan 28, 2021

Catherine Leffert of the Dallas Business Journal recently covered SpotSee’s acquisition of TMC Hallcrest and LCR Hallcrest in an interview with CEO, Tony Fonk.

SpotSee, a supply chain monitoring and solutions provider, acquired TMC Hallcrest and LCR Hallcrest to expand into the temperature space used for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and industrial applications. The acquisitions double the amount of customers Dallas-based SpotSee will serve globally, said CEO Tony Fonk. He added that moving into the temperature monitoring realm of supply chain furthers the company’s mission of seeing changing conditions of supply chain operations and providing solutions to the companies it serves. Financial details of the transactions weren’t disclosed.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work in the temperature space. Our legacy SpotSee products predominantly go alongside and work with vaccines and diagnostic kits. It’s been a big year for us,” Fonk said. “We’ve wanted to expand that part of the portfolio and the combined Hallcrest companies make us one of the world’s leaders in temperature monitoring.”

To read the complete article visit https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2021/01/16/spotsee-acquistion.html