• Single or Multi Color Change
  • Continuous Temperature Display
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Custom Available
  • Accurate
  • No Batteries
  • Low Cost
  • Self -Adhesive


Digi-Temp & Digi-Temp EZ Liquid Crystal Thermometers

These self-adhesive labels consist of a series of temperature sensitive elements containing microencapsulated Thermochromic Liquid Crystal, TLC, coated on a black backing. Each element changes color distinctly as its rated temperature is reached.

Thermochromic Liquid Crystals have been used in several common applications including:

  • Forehead Thermometers
  • Fridge Thermometers
  • Nursery Thermometers
  • Aquarium Thermometers
  • Gas Level Indicators
  • Overheat Indicators

The technology is like that used in TV and Watch Displays. However, instead of reacting to electrical impulses, they respond to fluctuations in temperature. They can be formulated to react to temperatures between -30°C (-22°F) and 120°C (248°F) and react to changes in temperature as small as 0.1°C (0.2°F). Accurate to up to +/- 1°C if stored and used correctly, they will remain functional for many years.


Digi-Temp color changes are reversible, passing through the colors of the spectrum in sequence (orange, yellow, green, and blue) before turning black at a higher temperature. The TLC strips are calibrated so that the indicator showing green indicates the actual temperature. The color changes are reversible, and the reflected colors will be observed in the reverse order upon cooling.

Digi-Temp EZ

Digi-Temp EZ is a single color change that is reversible, attaining and maintaining the reflected color and turns black as the temperature is reversed. Thermochromic single color change labels can be ascending or descending, changing from black to a color, as temperature increases or decreases.

Walk-in Fridge Thermometer

Used to monitor and ensure ambient temperature remains at designated temperature, 4°C. If the ambient temperature rises above or falls below this temperature, a colored arrow appears.

These Easy Read thermometers are custom made to any size and with any temperatures between 0°C and 100°C.

Temprite Thermometer

Used to monitor and ensure ambient temperature remains within a designated temperature limited range between 2°C and 8°C. Ideal for checking real-time transit temperature of products such as raw fish, foods, chocolate, fresh flowers, vaccines, blood, and more.

The temperature is indicated by the colored display:

  • The red triangle appears if the temperature rises above an upper temperature limit, 8°C.
  • The blue triangle appears if the temperature falls below a lower temperature limit, 2°C.
  • When both symbols are visible this indicates the temperature is correctly within the desired 2°C to 8°C range.

How They Work:

The temperature-sensitive elements contain TLC molecules that are very sensitive to temperature and change their arrangement in response to changes in temperature. This change in molecular geometry affects the way in which the TLC interacts with light, resulting in a change in the color of each temperature event. When the rated temperature of an indicator is reached, the TLC changes its form from reflecting (color) to non-reflecting (black) or vice versa. This causes the color-change at the temperature event to occur.


  • Food
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • HVAC
  • Material Curing


-22°F to 248°F

Adhesive Tape

Double-Coated Adhesive Tape

Covering Film

Polyester 5 mil stock

Color Change Material

Non-toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters


12 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature (i.e. 70ºF & 50% relative humidity).

Product Chart


-30°C to -4°C: ±2°C / -22°F to 25°F: ±4°F
-3°C to 50°C: ±1°C / -27°F to 122°F: ±2°F
51°C to 90°C: ±2°C / 124°F to 194°F: ±4°F


#SizeTypeRange °F & °C
21143.5" x 0.5"
(89mm x 12.5mm)Room Thermometer, Horizontal, Self-Adhesive62-88°F (17-31°C)
30993.5" x 0.4"
(90mm x 10mm)Room Thermometer, Horizontal, Self-Adhesive50-90º F
4557A0.5" x 1.77"
(12.5mm x 45mm)Horizontal, Self-Adhesive-22-32°F (-30-0°C)
4557B0.5" x 1.77"
(12.5mm x 45mm)Horizontal, Self-Adhesive32-86°F (0-30°C)

4557C0.5" x 1.77"
(12.5mm x 45mm)Horizontal, Self-Adhesive86-140°F (30-60°C)
4557D0.5" x 1.77"
(12.5mm x 45mm)Horizontal, Self-Adhesive140-194°F (60-90°C)
4598A5" x 0.5"
(127mm x 12.5mm)Vertical, Self-Adhesive26-56°F (-3-12°C)
4598B5" x 0.5"
(127mm x 12.5mm)Vertical, Self-Adhesive58-88°F (14-31°C)
4598C5" x 0.5"
(127mm x 12.5mm)Vertical, Self-Adhesive90-120°F (32-49°C)
11 Level Thermometer 0.72″x2″ / 18x51mmVertical, Self Adhesive0 to 50°C and 50 to 100°C
12 Level Fridge Thermometer0.39″x3.54″ / 10x90mmHorizontal, Self Adhesive1 to 12°C
12 Level Room Thermometer0.39″x3.54″ / 10x90mmHorizontal, Self Adhesive10 to 32°C
Go / No Go Indicator0.94″ / 24mmCircular, Self Adhesive43°C
Hand Hot Indicator1.46″ / 37mmCircular, Self Adhesive55°C
Traffic Light Indicator
1.89″x2.04″ / 48x52mmHorizontal, Self Adhesive 50-70°C
Too Hot Indicator0.94″ / 24mmCircular, Self Adhesive55°C
Temprite Indicator3.78″x1.57″ / 96x40mmHorizontal, Self Adhesive2 to 8°C

Product Chart


-30°C to 59°C: ±1°C / -22°F to 138°F: ±2°F
60°C to 89°C: ±2°C / 140°F to 192°F: ±4°F
90°C to 120°C: ±3°C / 194°F to 248°F: ±5°F



Type: Vertical, Self Adhesive
Size: 127mm x 12.7mm/5"x0.5"
Supplied: Packs of 10 strips
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#Part #°F°C
1 4002A26 to 56-3 to 13
24002B58 to 8814 to 31
34002D90 to 12032 to 49


Type: Vertical, Self - Adhesive
Size: 57mm x 12mm/2.24" x 0.47"
Supplied: Kiss cut columns of 36
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#Part #°F°C
1202457 to 8614 to 30


SType: Vertical, Self - Adhesive
Size: 63.5mm x 12.5mm/2.5" x 0.5"
Supplied: Packs of 10 strips
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#Part #°F°C
14090G26 to 40-3 to 4
24090H42 to 566 to 13
34090I58 to 7214 to 22
44090J74 to 8823 to 31
54090K90 to 10432 to 40
64090L106 to 12041 to 49


Type: Vertical, Self - Adhesive
Size: 70mm x 10mm/2.75" x 0.394
Supplied: Sheets of 45
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#Part #°F°C
12005A9 to 27
22005B50 to 80


Type: Horizontal, Self Adhesive
Size: 132mm x 15mm/5.2" x 0.59"
Supplied: Packs of 10 strips
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#Part #°F°C
14060A32 to 540 to 12
24060B54 to 7512 to 24
34060C75 to 9724 to 36
44060D97 to 11836 to 48
54060E118 to 14048 to 60


Type: Horizontal, Self - Adhesive
Size: 89mm x 12.5mm/3.5" x 0.5"
Supplied: Bulk (100 per bag) or Kiss-cut on sheets of 36
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#Part #°F°C
1200062 to 8417 to 29
22000B60 to 9416 to 34


Type: Horizontal, Self - Adhesive
Size: 12.5mm x 45mm/0.5" x 1.77"
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#Part #°F°C
14003A-22 to 32-30 to 0
24003B32 to 860 to 30
34003C86 to 14030 to 60
44003D140 to 19460 to 90
54003E194 to 24890 to 120

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