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  • Ready to Use 12 X12” Sheets
  • 50” Master Rolls slit to size or sheeted
  • Touch Sensitive Color Change
  • With or without adhesive baking


Liquid Crystal Film (Vinyl Flex)

Thermochromic Liquid Crystals are optically active mixtures of organic chemicals that can be temperature sensitive and change colors. Liquid Crystals start black below their temperature range, go through the colors of a rainbow, then rotate back to black, above the temperature range.  Liquid Crystal is reversible so they can be used repeatedly.

Liquid Crystal Films are ready to use vinyl material coated with a glossy finish and liquid crystal. The finished material is supplied in rolls and can be slit or sheeted to size, creating a touch-sensitive color changing graphic. Designed for decorative applications, the finished product is a bright material utilizing unsealed liquid crystal.


  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Thermal Mapping
  • Education
  • Promotional and Decorative


With or Without Adhesive Back


Film: Vinyl based flexible black material

Color Change Material

Non - toxic mixture of liquid crystal esters


Sheets: Red and Green Start Temperatures ±2°F
Blue Start and Blue to Black ±4°F
Film: Color Change Tolerance Start ±4°F

Shelf Life

12 months from invoice date when stored at room temperature (i.e. 70ºF & 50% relative humidity).

Temperature Range

68°F to 135°F

Product Chart

Red start and green start temperatures quoted in chart are ±1°C (±2.0°F)
Blue start, blue to black and bandwidth temperatures are ±2°C (±4.0°F)

Color PlaysRed Start (RS)
(Black to Red)
Green Start (GS)Blue Start (BS)
(Blue to Black)
Clearing Point (CP)
Back to Black
(Blue start minus Red start)
25 ºC26 ºC30 ºC34 ºC5 ºC


50″ master roll slit to size or sheeted
Construction: Vinyl film with polyester over laminate, adhesive backed with protective backing
Total Thickness: With adhesive: 175-225 microns
Supplied: Rolls or sheets
Color Change: Black to the visible spectrum (red, green, blue) with increasing temperature, and finally to black again.
Tolerance: Start of color change temperatures ± 2°C; bandwidth of color change temperatures ± 2°C



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