• 60 day temperature recorder
  • Precise and highly sensitive
  • Generates detailed PDF report of trip data
  • 2 year battery life
  • Temperature alarm reporting and mark in red
  • Designed for logistics temperature monitoring


TempU Shipping Temperature Recorder

A Temperature Recorder for Cold Chain Optimization and Protection

The TempU Temperature Recorder is a single-use solution which helps optimize the cold chain by alerting manufacturers, handlers and shippers when a product has been exposed to temperature conditions beyond a specified threshold.

Even with air freight speeding cargo around the world, two-day delivery sometimes takes more than two days. Sometimes items get stranded in customs, especially during holidays and other periods of disruption. 

Other times they are diverted to skirt natural disasters. During the 2010 eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano, flights between North America and northern and western Europe were grounded for six days. 

If those shipments need refrigeration, will they survive in usable condition? How will you know?

Product viability can’t always be determined by sight and smell. Single-use temperature recorders placed inside shipping containers provide the data you need to determine whether the contents are safe to use.

SpotSee’s TempU single-use shipping temperature recorder logs temperatures inside the packaging for 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the version you choose, and has a two-year battery life. Its waterproof packaging lets it be dropped safely into virtually any shipping container that needs cooling, from fresh flowers and foods, to chemicals and medical specimens.

Easy Setup and Ongoing Visual Indication

Push the Start button on the TempU shipping temperature indicator and it’s on duty. When it arrives, either the “OK” will be on or the “Alarm” light will flash red every ten seconds, so you will know whether the product should be used, inspected or discarded.

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This logistics temperature monitor is accurate plus or minus one degree, and records temperatures between -30°C/-22°F and 60°C/140°F. Alarms are triggered when temperatures go below 2°C/ 35°F or above 8°C /45°F. This range is good for refrigerated, but not frozen shipments. It’s also a solid choice for items that are crossing seasons, such as those travelling between the southern and northern hemispheres, or during the shoulder seasons.

Visualize Temperature Recorder Data

For detailed temperature analysis, plug TempU’s USB interface directly into your laptop. You’ll see a PDF chart of temperature fluctuations that spike or dip when excursions occurred. This provides hard evidence to support your go/no go decisions as well as data for broader supply chain decisions.

Temperature recording is a vital element in risk management plans, replacing the need for guesswork and gut instincts with hard evidence. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, temperature monitoring for all products is part of regulatory bodies’ good distribution practices. Some countries refuse to accept products without documentation proving safe temperatures were maintained.

Whatever you’re shipping, if it requires refrigeration, it should be monitored to ensure that temperature was maintained. Today, temperature monitoring is a vital part of an optimized global supply chain.

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  • Floral
  • Specimens
  • Chocolate
  • Tissue samples
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Meal delivery
  • Raw and cooked meats
  • Chemicals

Monitor Recording Options


Temperature Measurement Range

-22°F to 140°F

Temperature Accuracy


Threshold Settings

Alarms at >45°F or <35°F

Alarm Type

Red LED will flash every 10 seconds if the temperature has been out of range

Memory Capacity

10,000 logged data points

Downloadable Data

Available post trip

Data Retrieval

Automatic PDF Report


IP67 (with Seal-Bag)

Shelf/Battery Life

2 years

Part Numbers

TempU Temperature Recorder TU-USB02


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