Free Webinar
RFID Journal featuring ShockWatch RFID by Spotsee

Free Webinar
RFID Journal featuring ShockWatch RFID by Spotsee

Jun 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

RFID Journal has launched a series of webinars to highlight the Best New Product finalists of 2020. SpotSee has been chosen as a Best New Product Finalist of 2020 for our ShockWatch RFID. ShockWatch RFID combines the benefits of impact indication with inventory tracking. This go/no-go device indicates if products have been mishandled during transit or in storage. It has the features of a standard EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID tag, while also containing a visual indication and an electronic indication, communicating that damage may have occurred when the tag is read by an RFID reader. With many products never leaving the box through the distribution process, handlers may never know that damage has occurred inside until the product reaches the customer and it is too late to protect from a complaint or poor customer experience. Utilizing indicators can allow a company greater visibility into their supply chain and reduce damage by up to 40-60%.

Jan van Niekerk

Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, SpotSee

Tyson Stuelpe

Vice President of Global Sales

Tony Fonk

President and CEO


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