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SpotSee Featured on Supply Chain Now Podcast

Apr 16, 2020 | Uncategorized

Jan Van Niekerk, our VP of Engineering and Innovation joins Scott Luton and Greg White of Supply Chain Now to discuss leveraging technology to protect your shipments during transit.

Jan explains the Three D’s to protecting your supply chain; Detect, Diagnose, and Deter. Using our products to detect and diagnose where damage occurs in the supply chain so you can then deter the damage from continuing to take place. Our monitors act as the eyes and ears of your supply chain.

There are a variety of applications for our products. A more recent need for temperature monitoring includes the COVID crisis we are currently dealing with. Testing kits must ship at certain temperature to ensure the test results are accurate. A deviation of the temperature by a few degrees may cause false negatives. At a time when there is no room for error, we are providing much needed solution. Jan explains how we are helping to improve the results of these tests.

Our products allow for accountability and sustainability in the supply chain.

Learn more about the ShockWatch RFID at

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