Free Webinar
Damage Control: How to Reduce Waste in Your Supply Chain

Free Webinar
Damage Control: How to Reduce Waste in Your Supply Chain

Apr 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Join Jan van Niekerk, Vice President of Engineering and Innovation at SpotSee and Lou Parker, Vice President of Strategic Development at Smart Label Solutions, as they discuss how to reduce waste in your supply chain.

Globally, shippers suffer $2.3 trillion in damaged goods every year. That’s 2 percent of all products shipped. Accidents happen, but in this webinar, we will discuss simple solutions that will help you to deter, detect, and diagnose damage in your supply chain so you can reduce losses by half.

Simply understanding when and where damage occurs is a huge driver of damage reduction. On top of that, adding insight into your supply chain causes a behavioral shift in the way packages are handled. Learn how to apply the same principles to damage reduction as a traditional program, but without the need for visual inspection.

Jan van Niekerk

Vice President of Engineering and Innovation, SpotSee

Lou Parker

Vice President of Strategic Development, Smart Label Solutions


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