How to Monitor Power Transformers In-Transit

How to Monitor Power Transformers In-Transit

Apr 24, 2018 | Blog

“Power transformers are intricate and expensive pieces of equipment that are susceptible to damage during transit.

Knowing a transformer was potentially damaged before installation could save companies millions of dollars,” said Angela Kerr, Vice President of Product Portfolio, SpotSee. “Our goal is to provide power companies with supply-chain transparency, allow them to be more efficient and save them money when transporting transformers.”

ShockLog records every impact a transformer sustains during transit and provides an alert if an impact above a determined threshold occurs. When faced with an alert upon delivery, inspectors now know to more thoroughly inspect the delivered equipment for damage. This ultimately saves time and money, as well as increases trust between the two parties.


ShockLog is a standalone device that securely fastens to transformers and delivers triaxial (x, y and z) impact and temperature monitoring. All of this data is recorded and can be conveniently downloaded and stored on a computer. This enables users to access and visualize their data, and then assess any potential damage. Further analysis of the data can lead to users being able to predict which impacts are truly cause for concern and require additional attention and which impacts aren’t.


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