Using Satellite Communication to Show Real-Time Supply Chain Damage

Using Satellite Communication to Show Real-Time Supply Chain Damage

May 23, 2018 | Blog

When high-dollar assets like power transformers are being shipped to remote areas like the jungles of the Amazon, it can be difficult to track and review damages that occur. The SpotSee Cloud receives data from devices either through cellular or satellite connectivity, enabling customers to access and visualize their data in real time even if their assets are in hard-to-reach locations.

ShockLog Satellite






All of this information is sent to the cloud at a predetermined interval, so the customer always knows the status of the asset. ShockLog Satellite users can set alarms for impact on any of the three axes, temperature, humidity and tilt or roll can be automatically notified of any potential damage.

Customers can access this data from any web-connected device from anywhere in the world, allowing them to know when and where unacceptable conditions have occurred. Armed with this information, customers can take immediate action before the shipment is received or plan remediation before final installation of the asset in the field.

“In the future, all of our products will be a part of the SpotSee Cloud,” said Tony Fonk, CEO, SpotSee. “Adding ShockLog Satellite takes us one step further into this bright future and better connects our customers to their assets while providing more supply chain visibility.”

The ShockLog Satellite Impact Recording and Satellite Tracking System combines the flagship ShockLog® 298 Impact Recorder and a satellite communications module to deliver real-time reporting on impacts and asset location.

Speak with a local SpotSee logistics expert about using satellite communication to show real-time supply chain damage

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