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SpotSee Supply Chain Monitoring: Save Money, Reduce Damage (Video)

May 28, 2020 | Blog

You have a great product that customers need. You’ve designed your supply chain and accounted for everything from manufacturing your items to transporting them to the end customer.

But inventory can get damaged during shipping. SpotSee’s logistics monitoring keeps an eye on factors like impact, vibration, tilt, and temperature. They can even be connected via USB, Bluetooth, RFID, cellular, and satellite for the visibility you need.  

So what can you do to minimize supply chain damage?

SpotSee’s here to help. 

SpotSee provides a variety of products to make sure your logistics go off without a hitch. Monitors and indicators that identify problems in your supply chain enable you to hold partners accountable and make improvements.

Are your products sensitive to impact or tilt during transport? Tools like SpotBot Cellular and ShockLog Cellular provide damage alerts and logistics data that track exactly where and when your items are experiencing unexpected handling issues.

Or perhaps you’re working with items that need to remain within a certain temperature range. ColdMark and WarmMark ensure you’re aware if your shipments exceed specified temperature thresholds.

These are just a few SpotSee products that help reduce damage. Whatever you ship, SpotSee helps detect damage so you can improve your supply chain.

Are you ready to save money and reduce damage by optimizing your supply chain?

Learn more: Head to and explore industry applications or talk to a logistics expert.

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